The Kinský Family & Kinský dal Borgo, a.s.

The Kinský family belongs to the old aristocracy of the Kingdom of Bohemia and it played an important role both in the history of the city of Chlumec nad Cidlinou and of the Bohemian kingdom. Their roots can be traced back to the reign of Přemysl Ottocar I in the 13th century. The original residence of the family was in the fortified village of Vchynice u Lovocic, from which the name Vchynsky originates...

Kinský History

Kinsý dal Borgo a.s. company was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Chlumec nad Cidlinou. With a fresh spirit and vision to carry on the family tradition of forest management, it owns and manages over 8,000 hectares of woodland, along with a sawmill to satisfy customer needs and utilize forest products more efficiently...

The Company


The company Kinsky dal Borgo, a.s., not only administers the cultural heritage monuments - the Karlova Koruna Chateau and Kost Castle, the company also manages more than 8,000 hectares of forests. In addition to forest management and a sawmill which processes the products of the forest, the company also manages the hunting activities in this area. The main activities are:

Kinský dal Borgo Properties

Kinský dal Borgo, a.s. was founded with the aim to manage and preserve the historical properties of the Kinský family restituted after the fall of the Communist regime.
These properties today include over 8.000 hectares of forest, about 360 hectares of farm land, 575 hectares of lakes, the castles of Karlova Koruna Chateau and Kost Castle, a sand quarry and several buildings. Most of the properties are managed directly by the company, while others such as the farmland, lakes and sand quarry, are rented to third parties.

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Karlova Koruna Chateau

One of the foremost Baroque castles in the Czech Republic, Karlova Koruna’s architectural design was drafted by Jan Santini Aichel, one of the main baroque architects of Italian origin built in 1721-1723, the Chateau was named after emperor Karel VI, who visited Chlumec in September 1723 while returning from his coronation in Prague and later took the name “Charles Crown”.

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Kost Castle

Kost Castle is one of the best preserved medieval castles and one of the major tourist attractions in the Czech Republic, thanks to its charm, fascinating exposition of authentic weapons and lifestyle in the middle ages. It was built in 1349 and inherited by the Kinský dal Borgo family in 1874. Centrally located near the city of Jičín, 80 Km northeast of Prague.

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Hotel Obora Kinský

Hotel Obora Kinský, located in the heart of the ancient 600 hectare oak forest of the Obora Game Reserve. With accommodations for up 50 people, offering a stylish restaurant with 60 indoor seats, a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere enhanced by a central fireplace and original period horse prints lining the walls. The outside garden accommodates over 100 guests & offers a magnificent view of the Žehunský natural lake reserve.

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Luhy Hunting Lodge

This hunting lodge is located in the middle of the company Kinsky dal Borgo pheasantry. With a wooden veranda for outside barbecues, the hunting lodge is equipped with all facilities. Located only 5 km from the Karlova Koruna Chateau and within a 10 minute drive from the highway; an ideal location for wedding parties, private and corporate events.

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Your unique wedding

At Kinský dal Borgo we are committed to not only meeting your expectations but exceeding them. Whether it is by simply providing our locations or arranging a complete wedding-package, we make sure that all stages are carefully planned and perfectly executed to make that special day memorable for you.