Kinský dal Borgo Sawmill

Founded in 2002, it is thanks to our saw mill that we can process wood mainly from our own forests. We produce products from various wood species up to a length of 6 meters, we operate 6 drying kilns to further add value to our products. In 2013, we also launched a production line for briquettes from our own sawdust. We produce over a thousand tons of them every year.

We follow the path of modern technologies, a sustainable approach to added value and the greatest possible use of our own raw materials in processing.

our certification
our certification

Timber for carpentry

suitable for furniture production and further joinery processing

Construction and pallet wood

building prisms and planks up to 6 m, roof battens, material for the production of spruce and pine pallets

Oak flooring

dried timber intended for the production of massive wood floors and other joinery processing


quality firewood in lengths of 25 cm, 33 cm and 50 cm, Pack Fix system

Pressed briquettes

ecological fuel from dried sawdust pressed under high pressure without glues and binders

Price list for fire wood

Price list (PDF)
Price list (PDF)

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