Luhy Hunting Lodge

This hunting lodge is located in the middle of the company´s pheasantry and includes a wooden veranda for outside barbecues and the hunting lodge equipped with all facililties. Both are able to accomodate between 60 to 80 seated guests. Next to the hunting lodge there are two apartments available for rent which can accomodate up to 12 people. This hunting lodge is located only 5 Km from the castle Karlova Koruna, within a 10 minute drive from the highway, therefore it is an ideal location for wedding parties, private and corporate events.

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The Luhy Hunting Lodge became the subject of mysterious legends. This tree is unfortunately no longer standing but it is still very much alive in the memory of the locals. This area is also famous for its ancient oak trees, some of which have been declared cutural monuments of the Czech Republic.

The most famous and oldest oak tree there is called Morana (age is estimated to be 800 years old). The location is equipped with an open barbecue-veranda, and an indoor lodge which can accomodate up to 80 seated guests.

There are also two appartments on site where up to 12 guests can enjoy a peaceful rest in the middle of the forest. The Luhy hunting lodge is the perfect location for your wedding party, company event or event to celebrate that special occasion with family and friends.

Location manager Luhy lodge

Miloslav Šafařík
Mobile: +420 702 244 364

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We offer accommodation on the premises of the pheasantry, in the beautiful countryside around Chlumce Cidlinou.
Accommodation can also be used for wedding receptions that are held in a nearby lounge area with pergola. Enjoy a relaxing retreat in nature! Price per bed and night per person is 300 CZK

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We offer to organize private events Your private and company events can also be held in the premises of Bažantnice Luhy. You can choose from several options.

Choosing accommodation

Hájenka 1

1 x double room with bathroom
1 x four-bed room with bathroom

Hájenka 2

3 x double room - shared bathroom and kitchen


Price per bed per night per person is 300 CZK
Accommodation 3 or more beds 250 CZK

Offer to organize private events

Outdoor pergola with grill and smokehouse

with a capacity of 80 seats on comfortable wooden benches .

The price for rent: 1000 CZK / day.


Space for a big party (about 30 seats )

Price for rent: 2000 CZK / day.

Hunting lodge with full facilities

with a capacity of 70 seats.

Price for rent: 14000 CZK / day.


Originally the Luhy village and its church can be traced byck to 1356. Luhské polesí became the subject of mysterious legends.

The Luhy pheasantry was founded in the 17th century. During the early 20th century was famous for its breeding of pheasants of different breeds. The pheasantry is managed by the Kinský dal Borgo family and is continuing the tradition of breeding, rearing and hunting pheasants.

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