Gifts from the forests

The connection with nature and the land is in our blood and we have cared for its gifts for hundreds of years. We have combined traditional and contemporary recipes in order to create a range of products with our venison, coming from our own forests. This results in a taste that combines the purity of nature with the sensitive care of a farmer. A taste you will not forget.

Fallow deer and mouflons live in the Obora Kněžičky game reserve, which covers more than 600 hectares and is one of the oldest game reserves in the country. Roe deer and wild boar live naturally in free hunting grounds on an area exceeding 8,000 ha.

We offer local venison of organic quality. We develop relationships with local entrepreneurs and prefer long-term cooperation under the Kinský dal Borgo brand.

Our venison and other products

We supply our venison in high-quality, vacuum-packed, deep-frozen or chilled according to the customer’s requirements. We also offer products such as sausages, salami, paté and hamburgher meet. We respect the rhythm of nature, so the offer of game depends on the hunting season. Contact us for the current product range and prices.

price list & gallery
price list & gallery

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