The Kinský Riding Hall

Here each event is a RIDE!

The Kinský Riding Hall is especially suited for various cultural, social or private events. Its strategic location in the center of Chlumec nad Cidlinou, the beauty of the castle park and the surrounding architecturally unique historic buildings offer a unique genius loci.


presentation equipment

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Karlova Koruna Castle

Crown your event with a historical experience!

Invite your guests to a place where history was made. A unique location for your events. We offer impressive spaces at the Marble or Column Hall, the castle English park and the chapel… Unique architecture, top-quality services. This is the Karlova Koruna chateau in Chlumec nad Cidlinou.

The castle halls

The castle park

Café Orangerie

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Kost Castle

Here each event is a treat!

The best-preserved Gothic fortress in Bohemia invites you to an extraordinary experience. Organize your event in the backdrop of times long gone. For example, in the Sala Terrena, which Albrecht of Wallenstein himself had built in the castle, or in the castle courtyard with its impressive views.


Castle halls

Castle courtyards

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Hotel Obora

Touching nature…

Fall in love with the unique charm of Obora Kněžičky, which is one of the oldest game parks in the Czech Republic. Offer your guests an authentic accommodation at Hotel Obora. Experience the magical atmosphere of an ancient oak forest.


Party tent


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The Luhy hunting lodge

If you are looking for something completely different…

Here there is peace and tranquillity. The historic pheasantry sits in the middle of a vast forest just a short distance from Chlumec nad Cidlinou and provides an intimate atmosphere complete with facilities and accomodation for your every event. You can use the rooms here, spacious veranda equipped with barbecue and kitchen.




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