Our forests

We manage more than 8,000 hectares of forests, including several nature reserves and sites of European importance (NATURA 2000) such as the Dománovický forest, Plakánek Valley and the Žehuňský National Reserve. We try to strike a balance between the careful management of nature, entertaining people and keeping our business thriving.

Wherever possible we encourage the natural regrowth of trees, in our forests we balance the use of machines with that of horses, all our wood products are PEFC certified and carefully select the trees we harvest in order to encourage a healthy forest ecosystem. We know our forests as our own pockets, and we know we depend on them so we do our best to preserve them for future generations.

Forests owned by the company

Our forests are divided into four forest management units (FMU). FMU Radovesnice II is located near the town of Kolín, where the predominant tree species is oak, followed by pine. There is also a unique oak-hornbeam forest which has been designated as a nature reserve and NATURA 2OOO site: the Dománovický forest. FMUHolovousy is located near Hořice in the natural forest area of the Krkonoše Mountains. The predominant tree species are spruce and larch. FMU Chlumec nad Cidlinou is our largest forest complex, the predominant tree species are oak and pine. The character of the lowland landscape, which includes the National Nature Reserve of Žehuň and the Obora Kněžičky game reserve with fallow deer and mouflons. FMU Kost is located in the districts of Mladá Boleslav and Jičín and partly extends into the Protected Landscape Area of the Bohemian Paradise. This forest mostly consists of conifers.

PEFC and wildlife certificates
PEFC and wildlife certificates

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